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A few years ago, Ondade began. We were a small group of friends and freelancers, some were good at web design, others were programming ... And when a client was looking for a service, we recommended each other. Until we decided to join and create this agency. And of course, this is only the beginning!

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The Ondade family

Our small family called Ondade grew and was divided into three businesses, each focused on a branch of the Internet.



Content writting and copywritting agency



App and game development agency



Digital marketing & SEO agency


Our clients and students love us! (At least, they wanted to share their experiences with us!)

I have worked with them for 3 years, I have made several applications and now they are responsible for the management and ranking of all my websites and e-commerces. It is a pleasure to work with them!

Carlos Gonzalez

Good services, good workers, good experience... Of course I recommend you!

John Stefano

They manage my social networks and in general, all my online reputation. Also they have built my online fashion shop and they are building an awesome game for me!

Miranda Clark


We believe that knowledge must be shared. That is why we have platforms to teach web development, applications, games and digital marketing and SEO. Of course all of this in Spanish and English, and soon in more languages!



Learn about content wirtting and copywritting!



Learn about web development!



Learn about digital marketing and SEO!

About our founder: Alberto

Born 21 years ago, despite his young age, our founder has 10 years of experience in this world, since he started programming in Visual Basic 6 at the age of 11.

Lover of programming, marketing, business and sports; He loves meeting new people, new languages, new countries and in general, new things; being currently focused on learning Japanese and neural networks.

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